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In the Spotlight - Latest video:

Fede just bought for her speed passion an used sportcar: the Audi TT Mk1. In this video, Fede tests for the first time her new car to check that everything is fine and if the car has enough power for her. She also try to drive the car with different shoes: platforms, sandals, pumps and barefoot... - Read more

Debbi is a 20 years old car enthusiast. She owns a black BMW 320d; you can see her driving her car and having fun on her favorite roads, on the mountain, between curves and hairpin bends. She wear a sexy black dress, high heeled black pumps, no seatbelt... - Read more

For the first time, FDG offer to you a video of our sexy model Fede driving a professional rally simulator. You can see many angles, many of that hardly possible to shoot in a real car, with a superb video quality. Fede drives in high heeled sandals with spike heels trying to do her best lap time... - Read more

In the first clip, Deborah is driving the Lotus Elise wearing a dress and platforms. She drives the Lotus Elise very fast, make scream the engine shifting gears at high rpm. In the second clip, you can see Deborah in a sexy black dress with extreme high heeled sandals. She goes again for a fast ride... - Read more

Fede goes for a fast ride in the Porsche 993. She starts driving in high heels and she make scream the engine shifting gears at high rpm; then she take off her shoes and she drives barefoot, pushing harder the pedal. After some acceleration and 0-150, she goes into the Autobahn for a fast ride... - Read more

Audi TT - Round 2. The second chapter of Alice and Fede on this black Audi TT 2.0 TFSI roadster. Both in sexy dress and high heels, they love to put the pedal to the metal and let scream the engine to the red line. Fede take off her shoes and floor the pedal barefoot! - Read more

FDG Choice - The best videos:

Watch Helena driving the Porsche GT3-RS! Driving in heeled sandals; accelerations and high speed with this great supercar!

Marty floors the pedal of the Megane RS! Driving in very high heeled sandals; accelerations and high speed on the autobahn!

Alice drives the Audi TT MK2! She loves to floor the pedal in her yellow-lime extreme high heeled pumps - Autobahn driving!

Sara and Helena set the top speed record on the autobahn, driving the Nissan GT-R over 300 kph, both in high heels and barefoot!

Beba loves shoes and heels; she drives the Mercedes SLK R171 and she often stop to take off and change her shoes.

Marty on the autobahn again; she drives the Ferrari F430 at very high speed, hitting 290 km/h in high heeled sandals!
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