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The last Marty / SpeedQween video


Dear FDG followers and fans,

we are ready to present the new Marty's Video.

This will be, unfortunately, her last driving clip.

It will be also probable that in future her

videos will be removed and unavailable for

purchase on the FDG online store.

I suggest to everybody who loves her driving style

that have never bought her video, to do it

as soon as possible.

The future projects we've planned with her

have been canceled, for first the

"SpeedQween project", that was a project about a

very sexy, evil and crazy driving character

personified by Marty.

I'm sure that you will enjoy the incoming clip,

that is IMHO, one of the best FDG video ever


Thanks for your attention to this message and

sorry to all the Marty's fans.


Gio - FDG Staff