Fast Driving Girls - Sexy girls and fast cars, Pedal pumping


"Devil-May-Care Drive"
Model: Bonnie - Car: Mini Cooper Works

Bonnie drives the New Mini Cooper S JCW: driving, high speed, hard accelerating, shifting, pedal pumping, city driving.
Camera angle on: Bonnie, gearbox, dashboard, pedals, road. She wears a black short dress, high-heeled black&white mules, sunglasses.

Top Speed: 140 Km/h - 88 MPH.
(City roads)

The Part 1 of the video includes:
- Driving through the city roads
- Main driving scenes
- Exterior Scenes

The Part 2 of the video includes:
- Pedal camera at full screen from different angles
- Greetings from Bonnie in Italian (while smoking) - with subtitles - and greetings in Portuguese.

18'21" + 09'18"
193 + 119 MB
15,00 eur
.wmv video - Average quality 1490 kbps (part 1), 1840 kbps (part 2) @ 720x576 - Before purchasing, please read our info and terms

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