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"Night Speeding in Z4"
Model: Candy Joy - Car: BMW Z4 Roadster 2.5i

Candy Joy come back home at late night after a party; she drives the BMW Z4 2.5i, doing some revving and driving at high speed on country and city roads: she put her foot on the gas pedal and sometimes she call out the speeds as they climb on the speedometer... Some part of the video are a little bit dark ( was night, almost early morning), as in the video preview.
Camera angle on: Candy Joy, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, road.

Top Speed: 230 Km/h - 145 MPH.

Part 1:
- Night Driving
Part 2:
- Early morning Driving
- Open-air Driving

11'31" + 7'24"
137 + 141 MB
15,00 eur
.wmv video - Average quality 2000 kbps (part 1), 2700 kbps (part 2) @ 720x576 - Before purchasing, please read our info and terms

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