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"SLK R171"
Model: Bonnie - Car: Mercedes SLK R171

Bonnie drives hardly her new SLK 200 Kompressor R171 in a black short dress and her 14cm high heeled-sandals. Accelerating, high speed, skidding and a lot of different camera angles.
Camera angle on: Bonnie, steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, legs, gearshift, road, from the outside.

Top Speed: 190 Km/h - 120 MPH.

PART 1, (10'04")
Bonnie driving the SLK hard and fast. Main scenes from the side: the pedals are in the little screen. Just a couple of minutes with pedals at full screen.

PART 2, (11'01")
About 3 minutes from the main camera on the passenger side. Other 7 minutes are the pedal camera at full screen, without picture in picture video.

PART 3, (8'50")
About 2 minutes between revving and driving scenes from another angle. Then Bonnie takes a ride with a friend of her, speaking while driving fast, handbrake turns and skiddings (about 5 minutes). Then, some scenes from the outside.

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