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"Crazy Night"
Model: Marty and Giuly - Car: Mercedes SLK R171

This is a short movie made by Fast Driving Girls.
The movie is about 2 sexy girls that goes out for a night in a disco. Giuly goes to Marty's home; they make up and dress up, put a short dress and very high heeled shoes. They choose the car in the garage and then Marty drive to the disco.
They dance, drink and have fun all night long, and after some hours they return home. Marty goes behind the wheel and begin a crazy journey to home, flooring the gas and driving at high speed on open roads, screaming, overtaking cars, making redlight run, while her friend Giuly scream to her to go faster.
After several miles of crazy fast driving, they return to home, walking away from the car.
The video is in very high quality.
- Video 1 (12'03", 352 MB).

Top Speed: 225 Km/h - 140 MPH.

352 MB
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