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"Flooring by night"
Model: Stiggy - Car: Mercedes SLK 200 R171

Stiggy loves driving against all rules. She loves the risk and drive flooring the gas on every road.
She keep her face hidden, so our "anonymous" model with a wonderful heavy foot, drives the Mercedes SLK by night.
She loves to feel the power under her foot, so before driving with two different pair of sandals (red platform high heels 6", and black extreme heels 6" without platform) she drives barefoot, with some revving before start driving. A lot of angles showing her feet, the road, the dashboard and also gearbox.
- Video (11'50", 343 MB).

TIMELINE: 0,10 - 0,55: Revving Barefoot
0,57 - 2,20: Driving Barefoot
2,22 - 3,03: Wearing red sandals
3,04 - 6,27: Revving in red sandals
6,28 - 8,37: Driving in red sandals
8,39 - 11,00: Driving in black sandals
11,03 - 11,46: Gearshift

Top Speed: 220 Km/h - 135 MPH.

343 MB
10.00 eur
.m4v (high quality 960x540px, iTunes / Quicktime) - Before purchasing, please read our info and terms

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050 Stiggy SLK