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"Audi TT - Round 1"
Model: Alice and Fede - Car: Audi TT Mk2 Roadster

Audi TT - Round 1.
Alice and Fede goes together for a fast ride on this black Audi TT 2.0 TFSI roadster.
Both in sexy dress and high heels, they love to put the pedal to the metal and let scream the engine to the red line.
The video is splitted in 3 parts which display the same moments from different angles:
- Part 1: 17'20" Front camera + Pedal footage (picture in picture)
- Part 2: 15'39" Side camera or handy cam + Pedal footage (picture in picture)
- Part 3: 14'42" Pedal footage (full screen)

Top Speed: 220 km/h

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25.00 eur
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078 Alice & Fede, Audi TT


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