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"Stealing the Elise"
Model: Fede and Miki - Car: Lotus Elise 111R

Stealing the Elise.
Fede and Miki are bored in their car, smoking cigarettes and playing with their smartphones.
In the meantime, a guy arrives and parks his Lotus Elise near their old Renault Clio.
They discuss and decide to look if the guy left the keys into the car because they want to try the thrill of the power of that car.
They find the keys and they go for a ride on the autobahn, full of fast driving and accelerations.
Fede takes the wheel for the entire session; she drive the Lotus in high heels and with fishnets; in the middle she wants to try to remove her shoes to drive the car also barefoot; always driving with no seatbelt.
The video is splitted in 2 parts with different angles.
- Part 1: 15'10" Intro, driving in high heels, driving barefoot (picture in picture).
- Part 2: 09'36" Driving barefoot (picture in picture), full screen pedal camera (barefoot, driving with only a shoe).

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